8 Must-Read Books for UI UX Designers in 2023 by DesignGrapes

Its lessons prepare you to innovate, adapt, and create exceptional user experiences. Torrey Podmajersky has worked in various roles, including UX writer, content strategist, and interaction designer. Her experience across these fields gives her a unique perspective on how writing and design intersect to create user-friendly experiences. It promotes teamwork in product development, urging frequent feedback and short design cycles. “Lean UX” focuses on crafting an excellent user experience and shifting the focus from merely producing deliverables.

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Use these books to build your professional vocabulary and your understanding of the product design process. Still, the author presents them from a new or insightful perspective that even experienced designers may not have considered. Also, sometimes you just need to hear common sense ideas laid out in an organized fashion to keep them in your awareness. ‘UX For Dummies’ will guide readers on how to combine web design, user research, business planning and data analysis and highlight your brand’s online presence. It also explains about UX testing and methods one can try to keep their site relevant. Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, renowned for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making.

Introductory Books

Joel Marsh is a user experience design veteran with over 20 years of experience. He’s passionate about demystifying UX and making it accessible to everyone. He runs the popular blog The Hipper Element and frequently speaks at conferences worldwide. There are literally hundreds of UX/UI design books for beginners as well as veteran designers. But there are some must-have books that any designer should have in their own libraries.

ui ux books

This book conveys that an abundance of options can lead to decision paralysis and lower user satisfaction. Next to being a designer, Marina is also a software engineer — as I mentioned previously in this article, I really appreciate the systematic, logical approach of designing interfaces. I skimmed this book but based on my impressions, it’s a concise overview of all important UX concepts. You’ll learn about things like midstream changes, deferred choices, satisficing, incremental construction, microbreaks, spatial memory, and so on. The biggest benefit of reading this book is that it will help you communicate more professionally.

UX Design Books to Help Create User-Centric Products

Every pixel, every interaction, and every piece of visual communication online is an element of UX design. These planes cover both the abstract and concrete aspects of user experience design. Each plane is based on the decisions made on the plane below while influencing the planes above. Thankfully, the book picks up with good advice on building and scaling product teams, product strategy and vision, discovery, and transformation techniques. I found the two chapters about the loss of innovation and velocity most revealing, followed by the chapters about roadmaps and objectives.

It reinforces best practices and introduces new tools you can apply to future projects. Its unique feature is the summary of each topic with brief questions and exercises, such as the SCAMPER example. These exercises prompt critical thinking and remind readers that UX approaches should be adaptable and tailored to individual projects. It’s an informative read that encourages questioning and flexibility in UX design. “Lean UX”  covers principles, tactics and techniques to incorporate design into Agile teams.

User Interface

Portigal breaks down the process into well-structured, detailed chapters full of examples and helpful tips, like how to deal with difficult interviewees or slow conversations. Today, much of the equipment and software recommended in this book has been replaced by usability testing software, like Useberry. “Rocket Surgery Made Easy” empowers non-experts to conduct guerrilla usability testing and identify design flaws in their products.

ui ux books

Through examining everything from doors to software, Norman reveals the power of good design and the frustration of poor design. This virtual shelf is for full-stack UX professionals and aspiring UX researchers. Overall, “Laws of UX” is a well-researched book on psychological concepts in UX.

Web Design

Josh Seiden is a designer, strategy consultant, and Agile practitioner. Both authors have extensive experience in the application of Lean and Agile processes to UX design, making their insights particularly relevant for advanced practitioners. She is known for her work ui ux design books in promoting user-centered design in organizations and has a background that combines design, research, and strategy. Buley’s experience in both large corporations and as a solo UX practitioner gives her a unique perspective on the challenges faced by UX teams.

  • The book also looks at the potential of Big Data and AI to shake up product design.
  • This refreshing and honest book takes a provocative and critical look at the world of product design.
  • Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, renowned for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making.
  • You’ll find it redundant and boring if you’re a seasoned UX researcher.

The book draws a parallel between user interfaces and conversations, providing useful methods for real-world design challenges. “User Friendly” by Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant explores how design principles subtly shape our daily lives and the world around us. The authors weave a historical narrative and chart the evolution of user-experience design from a niche concept to a universal reality in our digital age. They reveal the hidden impact of design on societal shifts, from major historical events to the dawn of the digital era.

Lets us tailor your digital ads to match your interests, making them more relevant and useful to you. You’ll enjoy a smoother, more personalized journey without compromising your privacy. Governs the storage of data necessary for maintaining website security, user authentication, and fraud prevention mechanisms. Here’s UX designer and co-founder of HYPE 4, Michal Malewicz with more on the importance of UI design. While the term “UX design” may have been recently coined, the underlying principles date back thousands of years. Don Norman’s seminal work will fundamentally change your perspective on the world around you.

It makes everything easy to understand, and the ideas can be applied immediately. My favorite chapters are the one about hierarchy (“Hierarchy is Everything,” indeed) and the one about Designing Text.

Designing Interactions

Because investing in a valuable book is the kind of gesture that’ll keep you committed and motivated. “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman is a seminal work in understanding human decision-making and behavioral economics. “The Design of Everyday Things” is a seminal work that explores the relationship between objects and their users. The initial collection of documents that populate this library were taken from publicly downloaded sources online and
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